Inspiration can be an elusive thing to find.

I can be impulsive, so I need a bit of a safety gate before I go all hell-bent and post information on my blog that should be kept private. I ask my husband to pre-screen before I start to steam-roll emotions, and toes. That happened on my last post — it  got a bit too personal and detailed and was inappropriate. In hindsight, I totally agree. At the time? I thought I was ready to hit a home run.

I asked my husband about the revised post and got the word: go ahead and publish.

And then he said, “I would never read something like this.”

He said what I’d written is not something he is naturally drawn to. I talk about stuff. I talk about how I feel, about what I see in a day, about what I’m doing, and I ask questions. I don’t have a very specific blog. But I am drawn to this sort of “stuff” writing — I love to read other people’s accounts of  their day and the way in which they re-create it. It’s like a guilty pleasure when I can take a few moments to sit down in someone else’s life and become a part of what they did.

It’s amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper.

Inspiration leads to creativity. I feel like I’ve lacked a sense of creativity most of my life — I used to play classical piano and was (actually) quite good, but then I quit cold turkey and it’s just “Chopsticks” now. I don’t sew, I don’t craft, I don’t bake amazing things, I don’t song and dance, I don’t paint, I don’t scrapbook. I don’t make and I don’t do.

We are drawn to what inspires us. And I love to blog.  This is my sense of creativity, seeing it published is an inspiration. I am happier since I started this process. It’s a community I have just dabbled in and am really liking. I have been encouraged by what I see and what comes out of me. What I share may not be all that great, but it’s a great thing for me.

Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you. Unfold your own myth.

Confidence supports inspiration. We are naturally drawn to success and to the success of others. Specifically, to the success that others achieve when they have overcome obstacles similar to our own. (When those obstacles are even greater and more challenging than what we face, we tend to qualify our own goals as, suddenly, achievable). We want to be part of that success and we seek that endorphin-high of amazing ourselves.

You wander from room to room – Hunting for the diamond necklace – That is already around your neck! -Rumi

We find our muse. We find something that captures and enhances our emotions so strongly that we want to express those emotions ourselves.  It can be anything: watching someone cross the finish line of their first marathon, a full moon paddle on a dark lake, a painting, a poem, a song, a symphony. It can manifest itself through us in many ways as we set a goal, or go buy paint. We want to live life to the fullest and we are inspired when others lead the way.

What (or who!) inspires you? What has helped you overcome a fear of starting something new? How do you express who you are?


9 thoughts on “Jump!

  1. I don’t think just because you don’t sew, or craft, or sing and dance doesn’t mean you’re not creative. I find your blog very creative, and like you said, it brings you that sense of fulfillment you don’t find anywhere else. I also love blogs that are a little more unstructured and random. I find them much more interesting than the “10 Ways To (fill in the blank)” blogs that are out there. Anyone can come up with a list. Pouring your heart and soul out on the page and creating something you feel passionate about takes a lot of guts. It’s also much more valuable–and creative.

    • Hi! And THANKS! Thanks for your perspective and encouraging words. It’s true that creativity takes many different forms. I appreciate you reminding me of this and for reading. I *do* enjoy the sense of fulfillment blogging gives me. And I’m glad it’s not just lists!
      Have a great day. Talk soon!

  2. Great post! I definitely express myself best through writing and also music. And blogging has really helped me to open myself up more and do things that I fear, such as posting my music or even my thoughts. I think it takes a lot of courage to put yourself and what you think out there for people to read and ultimately judge.

    • Thanks for reading and your comments. It definitely takes some time to form your thoughts and be willing to post publicly! I enjoy getting feedback, as it helps me reflect in my own perspective.
      Take care!

      • My pleasure!
        And I agree, it’s always awesome to get comments on your posts and hear what people have to say 🙂

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