Dog days of summer

Sunbathing Pepper - Huh?!!?

Sunbathing mastery. (Photo credit: geckoam)

It’s the dog days of summer. That late August sprawl where you feel so haggard, tired, lethargic and spent — and the start of school is less than a week away.  It almost feels as though there was a time change somewhere in the last week and I’ve lost an hour of sleep.  Every morning I wake up feeling that loss and looking for an extra hour in the bottom of my coffee cup.

Vacation should leave you refreshed, tanned (if you so desire) and full of creative energy and motivation. I enjoyed my vacation, but I could have used some time after to fully recover. Going  back to work is a change – which can be rejuvenating – but it also means I need to dress in the morning. I like vacation because I wear my pajamas until I absolutely need to leave the house. (We’ve all seen people in their pajamas in the grocery store. Guaranteed not all of them are on vacation).

I like the lazy days of summer where it feels like time goes on forever. But who am I kidding? I had that for an afternoon, and the last time I felt like that was probably when I was 7 years old and not very good at telling time. Now our kids want to be busy-busy and I have my own running training to get done and vacation was a whirlwind of driving and meeting up with friends and changing locations. Not that I minded, it was all just fast and felt scheduled. Anyone who knows me knows I like schedule, I just wish it was only MY schedule.

A gorgeous day on the lake.

The kids are a bit fried as well. Unbeknown to them, it’s the usual pre-school angst that kicks in around this time. Everyone is more testy, confrontational and tired. They know something is coming – they are both well aware of how many more days til school starts – but that something is not there yet. It’s like watching the scary movie from behind your fingers and knowing you will be afraid, and being ready to be scared, but not knowing when. So you are ready for a really long time, and that in itself is tiring too.

The days are getting shorter. I left the house this morning at 5:30am and instead of the usual calm warmth of a summer day and the sun rising across the horizon it was overcast, cold and dark. Let’s just add some rain and call it October.

I know those darker days are coming. I know they too will pass. Given how quickly things change, next week it could be back to school, but then it’s suddenly Halloween and Christmas. But for now, today, I’m going to try look at the bits of blue sky a little longer, and spend a little more time outside. It’s still August and I’m still calling it summer.

*How do you cope with the changes in season? Do you feel end of summer angst?

11 thoughts on “Dog days of summer

  1. I almost always feel like I need a vacation from the vacation. And no, I never feel the “end of summer angst.” Summer’s end (October, if we’re lucky) is met with relief and happiness. We survived another summer! Running will be pleasant again, and my pace will get faster by at least 30 seconds per mile! Yay! (Can you sense that summer’s end is a good thing for me?) 🙂

    • I can imagine the end of summer being a relief when you are bathed (soaked?) in such high temps and humidity for so long. It would be a welcome change. And faster times for your runs is always something to look forward to.

  2. Summer ending, no one sent us Vancouverite’s the memo, so sorry we can’t agree to this. Summer here only ends on the first snowfall or Dec 24th which ever comes first. I spent many years though where summer’s embrace was all too short, where just as you got used to it, it left you in the clutches of fall.

  3. Didn’t really have a vacation this year where I actually went away (my new home almost feels like a vacation everyday)…but it was weird, and telling that fall is on the way, waking up to the moon and watching it set like an almost fireball at 6am on my morning run.

    • Sometimes staying home is a welcome break in itself. I find so often I am just rushing about getting things done that I never truly get to enjoy *being* at home. This year we came home from vacation a few days early just to be able to have those few days at home — it was very welcome.
      I agree, the moon is so beautiful this time of year.

  4. I try to pretend it’s still summer well into October. I nurse my tomato plants along and protect them from the early frost. It’s always sad when the last tomato is consumed. Though I have managed to keep a few green ones and ripen them in the window well into November. I’ll see how long I can hold out this year!

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