I don’t like Halloween.

I was never one who liked to dress up, even as a kid. Maybe it was because I never felt creative enough to come up with a really good costume. I always felt a little left out. There’s nothing like coming up to a house, knocking eagerly at the door, and have someone ask, “What are you supposed to be?” I know it happens, but still…

Superheroes Alon and Papa

This is not happening in our family. (Photo credit: Christopher.Johnson)

My kids generally enjoy Halloween. They like to wear the costumes that they have -dragon, chicken, princess, witch, Little Red Riding Hood- but it’s more about the candy. They put the costumes on two or three times a year and parade around the house. My son never went through that phase where he wanted to dress, eat, sleep, and bathe in a super-hero outfit.  No big deal.

My kids understand that the pre-requisite to go out and ask for candy from strangers (how weird is this concept? Talk about mixed messages!) is to be dressed up, so they do it just fine.

My husband does the trick-or-treating duty. He takes the kids out and wanders the ‘hood; I stay home and haunt stand by the door. I give out candy (not in costume) and I never ask kids what their costume is. This seems to work out okay. I blow out the candles in the pumpkins outside by 8 pm and turn off the outside light. By this time, I’m tired. Kids who are old enough to be trick-or-treating after 8 pm on a school night should not be trick-or-treating.

My daughter, the older one, has more stamina than my son. She will continue on the trek for treats, buoyed by the idea of more/better candy just down the street. My son is more of aware of things rather than just this single-minded focus. He doesn’t like the dark or the hazard of bumping into other little goblins. The weather is usually crappy, so he’s either cold, wet, or too hot. The bag is hard to carry or too heavy. He doesn’t like all the kinds of candy he gets and what he gets decides his experience. If he doesn’t like what’s he’s getting, he’d rather just go home.

This last part, the candy choosing, is especially curious to me. My son isn’t that fond of the dressing up but he’ll do it for the candy. But the candy is not that exciting if he’s not getting his favorite kind. So what kind of holiday festivity is this? You don’t even get the day off. Reminds me a little of Seinfeld’s Festivus.

I know a lot of people (read: adults) like to get dressed up. I’m probably the minority in the dress-up department. Costume parties, theme parties, burlesque shows, races, Halloween. I understand people have fun being something/someone they’re not, or at least the fun of getting together a good costume.

Some brave-hearted runners looking saucy in their costumes! Love you guys lasses!(Photo credit: Don Carson)

My brother and his wife went to a party as Sonny and Cher Bono. They spent the entire evening talking to strangely polite friends, only to realize the next day that no one knew it was them. A friend asked why they hadn’t come to the party as planned. My brother wears his head like a cue ball and Sonny had, well, hair. It was a great disguise.

Perhaps I am not bold enough, or I just find all costumes itchy, or I don’t want to be something else. Or maybe I am just a hollow weenie and can’t sew or really put together a costume. I just make sure it gets done for my kids, because that’s what parents do. Boo.

Oscar Mayer mobile

Can I get this as a costume? (Photo credit: IAN RANSLEY DESIGN + ILLUSTRATION)

*Do you like to get dressed up?

* What’s your favorite thing to do on Halloween?

* What’s the best costume you ever had?

18 thoughts on “Hollow-weenie

  1. Thyme,
    After reading this, I like your husband more than I like you. Until you buy my love again. By sending me candies. By mail. Like. Now.
    Le Clown

    • Le Clown.
      I breathe Le Sigh. Where is the love?
      Please select appropriate candy from Roller Giraffe’s list of options.
      Pkg(s) will be sent out by mail. (You can expect them to arrive by the next upcoming holiday season).

      • Thyme,
        You read Roller Giraffe? That makes me so happy. And she isn’t too far from you too… Well, it’s a matter of perspective, but. I like displaying a great deal of PDA when it’s about her blog. I would do the same for you. But. That new understanding of your Halloween appreciation… Humph.
        Le Clown

      • I’m liking Roller Giraffe.
        She is good to have a fan like you. But. I hope she never steps across the line.
        I now see what the wrath (or is it shame?) of being honest has done to my status. But. I keep trying.
        We can’t all like everything.

        Look who I’m talking to? A guy who wears a costume YEAR ROUND!!

      • I’m Pesto-makings now? Where are the cue cards???

        I’m learning to be selectively honest while I scan the shelves for good Halloween bribery to send to my favorite dress-up friend.

  2. I don’t like to get dressed up either. A close friend has a Halloween party every year and lives for that day of dressing up. Another friend has a Pirate Party every year. Some of the people spend hundreds of $$$ on their pirate and wench costumes.
    I do enjoy handing out candy, but the past few years we’ve had a lot of adults trick or treating for their babies. Honest. They either hold them in their arms or just walk up to the door solo. It’s disconcerting and a little odd, don’t you think?

    • I’ve had people come to my door holding 6 month old babies — and no older siblings. At first I thought it was funny — like another kid would pop out from behind the bushes. But when they ‘helped’ the kid hold open the bag, I thought it really odd. Obviously we all know who’s eating this candy. Are they just going out to parade the kid and get free sugar?

  3. I love Halloween…the grown-up version of it. In my twisted circle of friends, we all like to get dressed up and often have theme parties year-round. The trick or treating – I can do without but the kids love it. And yes, I also find the ‘baby trick-or-treater’ very odd. That’s just about parents wanting to show off their cute spawn. PS. Maybe the Braveheart girls will have to make another appearance at the next race. I have another kilt just for you!

    • You have a collection of kilts? You’re definitely in the dress-up club. I may be persuaded to wear a skirt for the next race, providing it makes me look better than I do. Isn’t that what dress up is for? Maybe I’ve been missing out all these years.

      • We’ve had black tie casino, Austin Powers, Redneck and James Bond parties. There’s something about putting on a silly costume that lets us all be kids again for a night. And yes, I do have a kilt collection…can’t live with a Scot and not have one!

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