October: Attitude of Gratitude

October was a transitioning month. I ran my first marathon (something I truly never, ever thought I would be capable of), the weather went from balmy summer to deep winter in the span of  about 10 days, and I started my Attitude of Gratitude. My thanks again to Ruth of Writing Ruth for inspiring me with her own Project Gratitude.

Most days I write down five things I am grateful for, big or small, subtle or apparent. I archive and post the list monthly. This is October 2012.


extra sleep — staying home for a rainy day — support from afar — being healthy, even if I don’t feel healthy right now — flexibility in daycare pick up times.

feeling content — a baby’s squeal of joy while learning to walk — sunshine — reminders to take ‘La Pause’ — good posture.

a husband who does it all — my physiotherapist — the right things, at the right time, in the right way — another blogger’s gratitude — sharing chocolates.

a lazy morning even though I later rushed to make up for it; doing less meant I got to do more — calmer children — leftovers for lunch — quick recovery from last night’s workout — blogger comments.

I guess I have to say it: blogging with Le Clown — Friday — taking a day off running to recover from this cold — letting go — remembering to make space for others’ needs.

being appreciated — sunshine! — a hot beverage — ease in the present moment — a willing and organized family.

a run without rain — a friend to run with — yoga — the strange quiet within — hugs from afar.

seeing the Pickle run her heart out — comfort at home — seeing old friends — a swim —  a reminder and an example to follow.

sleeping in right to my alarm — not having to make lunches – a day without appointments — the leaves outside my window — a list to remind me to be grateful.

a day at home — making it through Bootcamp — less traffic — creating simplicity — the strength of a group.

the good day and great attitude both the kids had — exercise — rest — time with someone I love — a blogger’s clown-y interest.

being Freshly Pressed… again! — Friday — coffee, even de-caf — my love — making lunches the night before.

the motivation to run in the pouring, pouring rain — the man who drove by me, honked and gave me the thumbs up as I ran in the pouring, pouring rain — hot water — dinner out so I don’t have to cook — a movie with my sweet.

a trail run of humility — the calm after yoga — having extended family that live in the same city — grocery shopping at dinner time when the store is almost deserted — sleep.

choosing to commit to myself, over and over and over until I got into the pool this morning — getting in to work later — emailing with virtual friends who have such big hearts —  left-overs for lunches from a dinner I didn’t make — how Project Gratitude led me to my Attitude of Gratitude, which has spilled over to other bloggers: Kozo’s Everyday Thanksgiving and GiRRL_Earth’s G is for Gratitude baby.

better sleep, despite still feeling exhausted waking up — no early morning workout — cute kids — My husband making kids’ lunches — the thought of hot chocolate.

my warm pea-coat — my cute umbrella from Beijing — making it through Bootcamp — my husband doing Halloween — feeling better today.

13 thoughts on “October: Attitude of Gratitude

  1. Organic Peanut Butter,
    Good things happen to good people. At least that’s what I tell myself when I end up having a two-time Freshly Pressed writer like you guest blogging on one of my blogs. You deserve everything that comes your way, OPB.
    Le Clown

    • That’s a good thing for sure. I find I am so easy to breeze through the good things and be irritated by the others.
      Writing helps me to at least take a moment to acknowledge what’s good.

  2. Hey girl
    You are so sweet to mention me in your gratitude post. I am so grateful that you inspired me to share my gratitude via my own blog. You try are an amazing woman. I admire your drive and humor. 🙂


  3. First-time visitor, but a non-runner … Le Clown sent me … but wow … 2-time FP … impressive … thus you are not on the NonFP Nation citizenship list … which is ok … but, just so you know, I am the self-proclaimed leader of NonFP nation.

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