About an object in motion


I’m accepting that I can move slower through life and faster when running. I don’t like talking on the phone. A sunny day is good even indoors. I don’t like heights. I can bake a mean muffin. I’m permanently weaning myself off Facebook (if we are not friends how can I stalk you?) I run because I’m stubborn and like hot chocolate. My kids are cute because they look a little like me. I need a lot of sleep.


email: iRuniBreathe@gmail.com
twitter: @iRuniBreathe

94 thoughts on “About an object in motion

    • Thanks for the post. Just noticed I could have added more of yours to mine!
      “I like training more than racing, and I like longer distance runs rather than shorter ones. I hate 5K’s.”

  1. Hi! Nice to meet you!
    I don’t like talking on the phone either. I’m afraid of heights but I’m gonna go jump out of a plane! And I don’t think I’m gonna be getting off FB anytime soon. I’m a regular =P
    Anyways, thanks so much for stopping by my page. I always appreciate the new visitors. Look forward to chatting more with you in the future and getting to read through some of your posts too πŸ™‚

  2. I have meant to leave a comment for a few days now, but I have been slow to catch up.
    Your blog and writing are beautiful, I really like what you are doing here. I will add you to my blog roll, for whatever it’s worth–not many people seem to check out the links.
    Best wishes on your endeavor. I’d like to keep reading about running. I try to run sometimes. It becomes an interesting pursuit and probably not one that will turn into more than that. But you never know….
    Thanks for reading my blog! twinkly

    • Hi Twinkly,
      Wow! I’d be so honored to be added to your blog-roll! Thank you! Truly!
      I run a lot and need to use this more in my writing. I should write more about running given it is such a metaphor in my life. I find that whether you are an endurance athlete or run around the block, it changes something in you. It’s something you give to yourself.

      Thanks for your comments. They were lovely to read.

  3. Loved your “about”, so to the point, good learning experience for me. And so relieved to read here that I am not abnormal because I also do not like talking on the phone πŸ˜€ !!! My father says it is “pathetic” that I own an iPhone and do not like talking on it…go figure…

  4. I just wanted to let you know that I discovered your blog recently and am really enjoying it. I’ve linked it to my own, and you are one of several runners inspiring me to keep posting.

    Thanks so much.

  5. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog on Asterix! I hope you and your little one have a great time reading those great books.

  6. iRuniBreathe,
    I’m here. Will you allow me a few days to get familiar with your blog? I’ll take my shoes off and make myself discreet…
    Le Clown

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  9. Tania,
    So nice to meet you. I’ve come over from Le Clown’s. I like to run, too, but have been missing quite a few runs lately due to an injury. I admire your dedication. I look to following you. – Amy

    • Hi Amy,

      Nice to meet you here without Le Clown doing formal introductions.
      I do blog about running a fair bit, and will start again in the new year. I am trying to branch out a bit into the rest of my life, so the journey has been fun.

      Thanks for the company!

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    • Hi Tania,

      Thanks for stopping by. My initial main draw was that we spell our names the same way — (and obviously have the same name!) Love the intention of your blog – great idea.

    • Hi Honey,
      I found you through searching for Oak Bay half marathon pictures. Loved the interview you did with Cheryl about your mis-race! I also ran the half and was glad to have found a fellow wordpresser and runner.
      Keep it up!

  13. I quite Facebook May 2012 and I haven’t looked back. I don’t miss it and I don’t care what the hell my friends are up to. If it’s that important, call, text or email me. πŸ™‚

    p.s. I too hate talking on the phone.

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